Spray painting is the process of pumping liquid paint at a high pressure and dispersed through a hose with a spraying gun at the end of it.

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    All spraying work is done in our workshop. Collection service is available at request (Dublin only).

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    Spray Painting Furniture

    This service specialises in giving wood products a new spray painted finish.

    We provide domestic and commercial spray painting, redoing old furniture making them practically new, for example old kitchen doors, coffee tables, beds, interior doors, fireplaces, kitchen tables, dining tables and dining chairs — a fresh lease of life to old furniture.

    We are ready to paint any type of furniture that can be removed and brought to our workshop. For painting a dining table and chairs we can collect them from you, prepare them in our workshop, spray paint them and deliver them back to you. With kitchen resprays, the cabinet doors and panels need to be removed and sprayed, and non-removable parts need to be hand painted afterwards.

    We are specialists in working with MDF, solid woods and wood veneers, we can match any colour and spray with lacquers and polyurethane paint which can have a matt or satin finish (semi-gloss).

    Who are we?

    Licensed Spray Painters located in Dublin, providing stain, lacquer and Wood Spray Painting services to trade, design and domestic customers.

    We offer a complete Spray Painting service to fit client’s exact requirements. What does this mean? We can collect your units, disassemble them so that they can be fully painted and sand them down to remove harsh edges.

    We can mix over 1,000 colours and work with all types of Spray Finish, our main choice being highly durable polyurethane (PU) finish and we would recommend this to most customers. We also offer wood finishing on all forms of timber and MDF.

    We are the only workshop in Dublin to offer this complete service at prices that will not be beaten.

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    Sprayed Kitchen Doors and Cabinets

    from 49 each
    Kitchen Door Spraying

    Internal Door

    from 99 each
    Internal Door Spraying


    from 59 each
    Chair Spraying


    from 249 each
    Fireplace Surround Spraying

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    Spray Painter Benefits

      It is appealing because it is applied in even coverage. Unlike brush painting it won’t leave any brush streaks. However it is vital to understand that applying an even finish is a skill and has to be done by a professional to avoid dripping marks.
      It is faster than brush painting. This is in particular relevant to furniture that has a lot of detail in it. This technique will cover every nook and cranny. Due to the thin coverage spray painting will need more than one layer but unlike brush painting, the paint will dry off faster.
      It covers many surfaces including metal and glass. When it comes to covering glass, our professionals recommend to paint the side that won’t be exposed to scratches. Metal coverage will include powder paint finish to create the glossy feel of the material.
      Our professional painters will mix in any colour you want. There are many different undertones to every colour. For example, white can come in different spectrums of warms and colds. In the process of picking out a colour it is best to come into our workshop for a precise consultation.
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    spray painter kitchen

    Spray Painting Uses & General Information

    The process is simple:

      When the furniture comes into our workshop we have to disassemble it before we start working on it.
      The furniture will then be sanded to get rid of old paint. If the surface has deep scratches it will also be filled with buffer to avoid uneven surface.
      When the furniture is prepped for spray painting, a spray painter will proceed to applying the coat. More than one coat is always needed.
      After every coat of paint a piece of furniture hast to be left to dry. The type of paint and material will determine the drying time.
      After all the pieces are sprayed and dried, the furniture is then reassembled into its original state and can be collected by the client.
    spray painter dresser

    Why opt for this?

    Painting is the easiest way to update your existing furniture. Custom made furniture doesn’t have to remain the same forever. You can change the colour of your custom kitchen cabinetry very easily as it will only involve spraying the doors. Similarly with vintage furniture that is due restoration, it can be refinished with a respraying.

    Different types of finishes

    There are different types of finishes you can choose when you’re respraying the furniture. This source explains different types of paints in detail and although it only goes into the detail of wall paint, similar idea with furniture paint applies.

    Semi gloss (25% sheen) - Moderately reflective surface that is easy to clean. This surface reflects the light and is ideal to visually expand a living space. It creates a sleek and modern look to a room especially if it’s flat door kitchen cabinets.

    Satin paints (15-25% sheen) - Also known as sheen finishes. They are the most universal and the most commonly used paints. These finishes are flexible when it comes to styling and more often than not are timeless.

    Matte finish paint - This is a non reflective surface that resembles the texture of a blackboard. When furniture a kitchen is finished in matte it gives it a high end stylish look. With this type of finish it’s all about the texture.

    Finish Types Video
    neutral colour furniture

    How to choose the colour for your furniture

      Determining the scale will help you determine the colour. Store furniture usually uses bold colours for smaller furniture. Larger furniture is normally coloured in muted colours such as blacks, whites and greys. If you want your personal colour you can get the furniture spray painted. Be sure to consider how that piece of furniture will look in a bold colour.
      Masculine features such as sharp edges and straight lines will carry neutral, plain or hue colours really well. Curvy lines, typically found in more traditional or vintage furniture can be painted in bold colours. There’s more freedom with curves as they won’t be imposing or aggressive looking if the colours are bright.
      Two toned furniture is most commonly found in kitchen cabinets. It is where you can choose the top and the bottom to be different colours. You can leave parts of a furniture in wooden tones. This solution helps to combine both modern and traditional styles.

    A Spray Painter's Work

    A spray painter uses a safe and designated space to paint the furniture. The booth is clean, spacious and well ventilated. The professional is working with sanding and spraying machines and wearing all the required safety equipment.

    If it’s the case of custom made furniture, giving it a finish is one of the steps in preparing the furniture for installation.

    If you have a piece of furniture that needs to be redone urgently, book it in with a professional as soon as you can. Due to the waiting times between the drying of the coats it may take longer to paint the cabinets or doors than you might think.

    How safe is it?

    It can certainly be a DIY project at home. The reason you would bring a piece of furniture to a professional is to make sure that it is evenly covered. A skilled tradesman will make sure there are no patches or drippings from the paint.

    The safety of the process has to be taken into consideration. A designated place that won’t bother your neighbours is quite hard to find. It is also important to understand that inhaling fumes from the aerosol can can be dangerous.

    This means that a professional set up, skill and safety precautions will have a higher quality job done without putting your health at risk, saving you time and effort.

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    Examples of our work

    If you are interested in having your furniture sprayed by us, but aren’t sure about the quality of our paint and protectors, you can check out our work over at Radcover.ie.

    We work with them, we spray paint all the radiator covers they make, so their products are a great example of the quality of our work.

    They manufacture and sell radiator covers that don’t only look nice, but help the radiator produce more heat.

    Spray Painter Signage

    Beautiful symbols and signs can be created with milimetric precision in a short period of time by CNC router cutting and spray painting. The paint job, if done properly, will have a smooth, even finish that will last for years upon years.

    With all this information you should have an idea of what colours to use when repainting your furniture. The table below will be able to assist you on how much a piece of furniture will cost to spray paint.

    When contacting a member of our team, prepare a photograph of a piece of furniture and a short description of what it is made of. We will be able to give you a more precise quotation over the phone once we have these details.

    Spray Painter - Green Furniture

    Get a quote today and give your furniture a facelift.

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