Spray Painting Ireland

Spray Painting Ireland

Here at spraypainter.ie we provide commercial and domestic spray painting services to the Irish market, whether you're an individual who needs to spray a kitchen or a company who wants to make your shop stand out with a variety of colours. If you need a professional spraypainting service in Ireland then come to the experts.

Whether you’re looking for brand new furniture built and spray painted or retouching old furniture to give it a brand new finish, spraypainter.ie and its partners can complete the job for you.

Who are we?

Licensed Spray Painters located in Dublin, providing stain, lacquer and Wood Spray Painting services to trade, design and domestic customers. We can mix over 1,000 colours and work with all types of Spray Finish, but we especially like working with the highly durable polyurethane (PU) finish and we would recommend this to most customers. We also offer Wood Spray Painting on all forms of timber and MDF.

We offer a complete Spray Painting service to fit client’s exact requirements. What does this mean? We can collect your units, disassemble them so that they can be fully painted and sand them down to remove harsh edges. Prime them to smooth the surface and help the paint give a clean, fresh look. Apply the Spray paint to the units, dry the materials, reassemble the units and deliver them back to you. We are the only Spray Painter in Dublin to offer this complete service at prices that will not be beaten.

Wood Spray Painting is a great way to put a durable, long lasting finish on cabinets and other wood furniture. You can also use staining and wood finishes, giving tired furniture a complete makeover. Spray Painting always gives a smooth, professional finish that is completely unmatched by brush and roll painting.

Spray Painting Uses & General Information

Spray painting is the process of applying coats of liquid paint on various surfaces by the use of an air gun. The paint is packed in the gun’s paint basin and comes in many different vibrant colors. It can used on a wide variety of surfaces, from plastic to timber or MDF.

Spray Painting for your home and kitchen

If you are looking to renovate your home and are tired of paint rollers and brushes that provide sub-par results, a professional spray painting service like ours can be the remedy to all your problems. Instead of wasting time and money with laborious techniques that will never give you that perfect finish you aim for because of the brush lines, you can give us a call and we will take care of it. Our professional in-house spray painting team has years of experience and can guarantee a top-notch paint job, with a brilliant, even coat of paint.

Another common domestic use of spray painting besides furniture painting is wall art.

Every professional spray painter knows how to make use of different tools depending on your project and the surface that is to be sprayed. Spray painting requires a high level of dexterity and skill and you should let the specialists handle it in order to achieve flawless results.

Spray Painting Signage

Beautiful symbols and signs can be created with milimetric precision in a short period of time by CNC router cutting and spray painting. The paint job, if done properly, will have a smooth, even finish that will last for years upon years.

Spray Painting Benefits

Cost effective: Spray paint is very affordable compared to the alternatives, many of which could be as extreme as completely replacing the furniture. Besides, the paint has a virtually unlimited range of colors and shades, and our craftsmen will ensure that the end result is exactly as you imagined it.

Application: Spray painting jobs can be finished in a short period of time by a professional with the right skillset and equipment. This means that your home project will not be slowed down by this aspect of it. Modern, good quality paint also dries quickly; hence, not much time is being wasted between the application of multiple coats.

Any color, any material: Spray paint can be applied on almost any surface, unlike other paint products. We can do timber, MDF, acrylic and plastics in general.

Quality finishing: Spray painting gives you a high quality, smooth finish that is simply better than other painting techniques. Also, the color does not leave traces or lines as it does while using hand brush.

Call us now to collect your furniture or bring it to our workshop for spray painting! You will receive a price quote based on the surface and complexity of the paint job. We guarantee lower prices than anyone else in Ireland, while ensuring that the quality of the end result is stellar!

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