Spraypainter.ie offers a full service of colour and timber spray painting. We can mix over one thousand colours and we also excel at Wood Finishes and Spray Painting Kitchen Cabinets. Wood Finishes are by far the most cost effective way to resurrect a fatigued looking kitchen. For a fraction of the cost of a new installation, you can Spray Paint the Kitchen Cabinets with vibrant new stains and durable Wood Finishes. Your kitchen will look brand new with a completely different look and feel. We offer a complete service for Spray Painting Kitchen Cabinets.

Should you require, we can disassemble the kitchen units on site and transport them to our spray booth. There, we prepare, prime and apply the Wood Finishes, before drying and reassembling the units. We can also deliver the cabinets back to your home and install them in their original positions.

When Spray Painting Kitchen Cabinets, we take great care is taken to ensure that all units leaving our booth look brand new and exactly how the customer specifies. You can visit our booth at any time to monitor and approve the Wood Finishes before reassembly and delivery.

Instead of employing a cabinet maker to build you brand new kitchen cabinets, spray painting old ones is a sound option provided they are still in good shape. If your kitchen cabinetry is damaged (by which we mean it has more than a few scratches here and there) then a cabinet maker can either attempt to repair or simply make new ones for you.

You won’t believe the results: call us today and we will talk you through how cheap and easy Spray Painting your Kitchen Cabinets can be.

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