Having your old kitchen furniture spray painted is infinitely better than replacing it. And with professional spray painting services like the ones we offer, you will be able to give your kitchen a new look for a quite low price.

Spray painting kitchen cabinets is one of the main project types we do. We get a number of requests for this every week, and we honor them to our clients’ utmost satisfaction. Our specialists will ensure that your kitchen cabinets’ new paint job looks flawless, with a smooth finish and exactly the color scheme you picked.

A kitchen is the part of the home that a lot of people feel very personal about. We here at SprayPainter understand this, and offer you top-notch kitchen cabinet spray painting services at an affordable rate. Our team is always on call to answer your questions and to give you a price estimation, so contact us at 01 4301259 or using the contact form to the right.

Spray Painting Kitchen Cabinets – Our Process

For all our projects which involve spray painting kitchen cabinets, the very first thing we do is preparation. Our specialists remove the kitchen cabinet drawers, hardware, and doors. We will install them again after the paint job is done.

When that is done, we take the parts into our spray painting workshop. If you’ve never seen one, they are large rooms, well ventilated and extremely sanitary. This aspect is highly important and has a huge impact on the quality of the finished product.

We thoroughly clean the front and back of doors and drawers, after which we start the sanding job. If any areas needed to be taped off to prevent spraying them, we would do this right after sanding.

Spray painting kitchen cabinets – The spraying process

Spray painting kitchen cabinets can be done in a variety of ways, but if you want the end result to be 100% flawless, the only choice is using an air gun.

Our workshop is equipped with all the gear necessary for providing an A+ paint job for your kitchen cabinets. The tools are reliable, our specialists have years of experience under their belts, and the quality of the paint we use is very high. We go through everything that’s necessary to give your kitchen furniture the look you desire.

The spray painting of kitchen cabinets can take anywhere from a few hours to a few days of work, depending on the complexity of the project. Our prices are listed on the Prices page, and you can use them to get a general idea of the overall cost of your kitchen makeover. However, for an accurate quote, give us a phone call and we will give you an estimation immediately.

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