Spray Painting Old Furniture

Breathe new life into old furniture!

Spray painting is the process of applying coats of liquid paint on a surface by the use of an airgun, the paint is packed into a gun and comes in many different colours, spray painting is the best for what we do because it can be used on a variety of materials.

This means as long as you can get it to us, we can spray paint it. Our in-house spray painting facility is out the door with various projects throughout the week and we’re always stocked with all the different colours any project could need.

We’ve painted tables, chairs, desks, custom design pieces, walk in wardrobes (pre-assembled). You deliver it to our factory and we paint it for you, quick and simple. Perfect to reuse old furniture for a house extension.

Many people don’t realise how a new coat of paint can breathe new life into some older furniture pieces, many people preferring to throw stuff out and pay a much higher cost in replacing the furniture, instead of repairing it.

We’ve also had customers purchase furniture pieces at a lower price, and then deliver them to us to upgrade with a professional paint job. Many older pieces of furniture from ikea and such come with cheap, easily chipped paint applied, but the structural integrity of the item itself is fine. This is also a great option if you need cheap furniture that suits a particular colour scheme, usually for a store or children’s area.

Just last week we had a woman deliver her brand new walk in wardrobe pre-assembled and had us paint and finish each individual piece so it was that extra bit special when it was finally fitted.

Spray painting is perfect for customising pieces, it can be expensive to have a piece of furniture completely custom made, with all of the material choices and design decisions made by yourself, but purchasing something off a shelf isn’t always the right option either. Changing the colour scheme of an item or changing the woodgrain might be just enough to make it yours.