Bunk Beds

One-Stop Bunk Bed Shop

Here at spraypainter.ie we spray paint furniture in any shape and finish and that’s all we do.

However, you may be rather surprised at how often we’re asked if we make and sell furniture. The truth is that we don’t but we do partner with some sister companies who do.

We did this years ago during the recession just to try and keep business afloat and we haven’t parted ways since. As such, we would like to introduce you to a sister of ours: Bunk Beds Ireland. We’ve sprayed some custom furniture from these guys before and get a few orders from them on occasion but their main selling point is off the rack bunk beds.

Their site has dozens of beds pre-priced and pictured for you to browse and they’re always giving away special offers. If you want to buy any kind of bunk bed for your kids or yourselves they have a genuinely ridiculous selection. From standard double bunks to large triple sleepers and even cool little loft beds with desk space underneath. If you need a new bed they have some really nice designs on show.

The reason we advertise Bunk Beds Ireland is because we’re often asked if we can make beds. We do know some companies who can, but custom made beds are expensive, though they are often worth the money if you can afford them. BunkBed.ie, while also building custom made beds, have a selection of standard off the rack beds that are easier on the pocket. So if you need a bunk bed get in touch with them today.

A lot of parts that are used in making a bunk bed is cut on a CNC machine that is programmed to cut precisely maintaining client’s timeframes. If you have projects you would like to be cut on a CNC router get in touch with one of our team members.